Xerox Corporation

TGI Direct First to Install Xerox iGen4 EXP

It’s important for car dealers to have the color of the car pictured in a direct-mail campaign perfectly match what’s in the showroom. Meeting that sort of exacting customer requirement is what led TGI Direct to become the first printer in the U.S. to install Xerox Corporation’s iGen4 EXP with matte dry ink. 

Matte dry ink gives TGI Direct, located in Flint, Mich., another way to deliver value to its automotive and other customers – with color image quality that’s virtually indistinguishable from offset. 

“We can now take color quality to a whole new level,” said Doug Bacon, president, TGI Direct. “The addition of the iGen4 EXP with matte dry ink strengthens our 10 plus years of digital printing experience and will allow us to meet, and often exceed, our clients’ requirements.” 

The company will use the press to fulfill customer requests for manuals, direct-mail pieces and catalogs, while providing an anchor for cross-media campaigns. 

Matte dry ink provides a consistent and uniform appearance across highlights, mid-tones and shadows – critical for ink-heavy applications used in marketing collateral, photo books and photo-rich calendars and greeting cards. 

The ink produces authentic skin tones and natural colors while maintaining fine detail in background images, an important benefit for TGI Direct, which serves a variety of vertical markets from insurance and healthcare to automotive and financial services. 

TGI Direct is also using Xerox’s business development tools to market the ink’s capabilities to new and existing businesses. “Clients see how our technology can help differentiate them in the market – and that’s making TGI Direct stand out even more,” added Bacon.