Aurora Specialty Textile Group Inc.

Aurora Adds New Profiles to its Northern Lights Website

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. has added profiles for its print media line of textile fabrics to its Northern Lights Website.

Profiles for AC Canvas, AC Semi Gloss Canvas, VC Canvas and VC Poly Woven 8 oz. fabrics have been added and are available for download ( As North America's leading producer of the Northern Lights Printable Textiles collection, Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. offers the most complete and diverse range of fabrics for digital, latex, solvent, UV cure, dye-sub transfer, dye-sub direct, screen print and litho-print technologies. The Northern Lights collection includes printable fabrics up to 126 inches in width.

AC Canvas is Aurora's original poly-cotton canvas with a traditional acrylic "gesso" coating for latex, solvent or UV digital printing. AC Semi Gloss Canvas is AC Canvas fabric, but with an added semi-gloss finish. VC Canvas is Aurora's economical poly-cotton canvas with a print receptive polymer coating that is suitable for stretching and framing. VC Poly Woven 8 oz. fabric is a rugged, 100 percent polyester base fabric with Aurora's printable polymer coating added to create a uniform, canvas-like surface that is great for indoor or outdoor print media projects.