Contex Americas

E-BizDocs Improves Productivity with KODAK Capture Pro Software, Contex Wide Format Scanners

Contex has announced that Albany, NY-based E-BizDocs reports increased productivity when using Contex wide-format scanners with KODAK Capture Pro Software. E-BizDocs, an electronic document management service provider, uses the combined solution to scan wide format drawings within the same workflow as office-sized documents. The Contex and Kodak solution uses the same interface for narrow and wide format scanners, which streamlines the document scanning process. As a result, E-BizDocs reduces multiple steps from its workflow and improves overall efficiency in its scanning services.

"Before installing the Contex SD4490 with KODAK Capture Pro Software, we handled wide format documents differently than office-sized documents," said Howard Gross, President of E-BizDocs. "The workflow required setting up additional workstations and forced us to compete for scanning resources. We had to turn away some business because these wide format projects caused difficulties in our standard scanning workflow."

Gross added, "Today, we can scan technical drawings using our Contex scanner and Kodak's Capture Pro Software with only minor changes to our workflow. And we can use the same resources we use to scan our customers' office documents. This saves steps in our process and eliminates the need to notify the quality-assurance team about variances in the document sizes. It makes scanning wide format as easy as scanning standard office-sized documents."

"Because of increased demand to share drawings electronically and to use ECM and cloud-based document storage, Contex is offering solutions that streamline the scanning process and allow users to become more efficient, regardless of the document size," said Phil Magenheim, President of Contex Americas. "The combined solution from Contex and Kodak gives users the tools to improve their scanning workflow and, in turn, become more productive."

The Workflow

Customers provide E-BizDocs with volumes of documents to scan and archive; sizes can range from standard office-sized to large format sized documents. For example, a surveyor's document may include a five-page, letter-size executive summary and a structural and landscape view of a property on large format paper. The document may also include letter-sized pages describing the components of a building, such as plumbing, electrical, and foundation. E-BizDocs scans the files using a combination of narrow format scanners from Kodak and Contex's SD4490 wide format scanner, and the images are sorted and reassembled in Capture Pro Software.

The combined solution from Contex and Kodak makes it easy to merge and route documents, eliminating any chance for human error.

The Technologies

Contex's wide format scanning solution for the EDM market features EMC Captiva ISIS drivers. Users can eliminate workflow processing bottlenecks with this industry-standard interface by scanning large format drawings, charts, maps, or other oversized documents directly into EDM/ECM systems and electronic capture software. The scanning solution makes it possible to manage large format documents within the same workflow process as letter- or legal-size documents, while achieving high-quality scans with document-specific presets.

Contex scanners are the only wide format scanners certified by Kodak for use with Capture Pro Software. This software delivers full-featured document and batch capture applications for either standalone or network enterprise-wide environments. Capture Pro Software includes a simple but powerful post-scanning quality control tool that makes it easy to re-process images, even when the original source document is not available. This allows customers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of downstream data recognition processes and human image readability, helping to speed up important business processes.