MCS, Inc.

Japs-Olson Installs 10 Perfect Match Systems from MCS

MCS, Inc., a leader in production inkjet technology, camera systems and production digital printers, announced Japs-Olson's recent purchase of ten of the latest "Read and Print" camera/inkjet system - the MCS Perfect Match 6.0. 

Japs-Olson is one of the largest vertically integrated direct mail companies in the USA. The Company offers full commercial print capabilities, variable data print, and full letter-shop capabilities. With the increasing need for personalized content, addresses and messaging on the outside of envelopes, Japs-Olson President, Michael Murphy, was anxious to replace his outdated inserter camera system. "MCS offered us an industry leading solution with their Perfect Match systems," explained Murphy. "We can now offer our customers enhanced services without sacrificing throughput speeds or integrity. We felt this could only be done with a manufacturer that develops both the camera technology as well as the inkjet print technology. MCS fit this requirement," Murphy asserts. 

The Perfect Match 6.0 Read-And-Print system offers a fully integrated camera/print system with full tracking capabilities through multiple segments - and can even track virtual "slots" with up to 48 optical sensors. Combined with automated divert control, integrity logs and an easy-to-use operator interface, the Perfect Match allows a valuable combination of throughput and integrity. David Loos, CEO of MCS, commented on the design philosophy of the Perfect Match: "The new 6.0 version of the Perfect Match system was architected to give the best productivity by keeping inserter production running at high speeds - utilizing diverters to handle suspected doubles and mis-reads." David also added, "Our new camera verification functions and output logs also give the customer peace of mind that what enters the mail-stream is the level of integrity they require." 

Murphy was impressed with the productivity and feature-set of the new systems but underscored: "It's not just about what the equipment can do on the shop floor today. I looked for a single manufacturer to handle all of my after-sale questions and support - for years to come. That is what is most important." Michael continued: "we feel MCS has the best track record for that." 

About Japs Olson 

Japs-Olson Company, founded in 1907, has been at the forefront of the commercial printing and direct mail production industry for over 100 years. Based in Minneapolis, it is one of the 10 largest commercial printing and direct mail production firms in the country thanks to its highly skilled work force and ongoing investment in equipment and technology. Japs-Olson is a charter member of the PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative, holds the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification and ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, visit the web site at or call 800-548-2897. 

About MCS 

MCS is a leading provider of industrial inkjet printers, camera solutions and production digital printers for the mailing and industrial markets. MCS' imaging software and hardware provides the integration cornerstone for high-speed mailing and inkjet printing, as well as matching systems for inserters. The new MCS Eagle inkjet platform combines the next generation modular 4.25", 600 DPI print head technology with MCS' proven job layout and print proofing software. MCS systems can be integrated on a wide range of existing transports and inserters.