Monotype Imaging Debuts New Program that Gives Design Agencies Free Access to Web Fonts

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced an exclusive program for design agencies that provides free access to Monotype Imaging’s entire collection of Web fonts when designing comp sites for clients. The Web Fonts agency program, the first of its kind, helps agencies avoid the risk of investing in fonts before a client accepts the proposed designs.

The new agency program is free for up to 25,000 page views per 30 days – the same terms as Web Fonts’ free subscription plan, which covers use of more than 3,000 fonts. However, the agency program offers additional benefits, including access to the complete library of fonts, which now exceeds 12,000. Unlike the no-fee, standard subscription plan, participants in the agency program are not required to host the Web Fonts advertising badge on sites that use the service.

“Over the years, we’ve built close relationships with design agencies that have used our renowned collection of typefaces. Not only are agencies among our best customers but they also help to establish and ensure the long-term use of our typefaces in a wide range of work, from client identities to corporate campaigns,” said Chris Roberts, vice president of marketing at Monotype Imaging. “We’re simply making it very easy for agencies to try our thousands of typefaces on the Web and our Web font service, risk-free.”

“The Web Fonts agency program helped us to release our first website using Web fonts,” said Samuel Latchman, head of production at Ogilvy One, Paris. “The service was a breeze to use when selecting and using the proper assets. Both the designer and the developer were enthusiastic, as everything about the platform makes it easier for production to move forward, from the large choice of fonts to the simple code implementation.”

When program participants are ready to take a site to final production, two options are available. First, the agency can upgrade to a paid subscription plan that provides the requisite page views to support the site’s traffic – a suitable option when the agency plans to arrange for the hosting of the site on behalf of the client. The agency can then use the paid subscription to provide comps for clients, as unlimited domains can be used on a single Web Fonts account. Second, if the client plans to arrange for hosting, the agency can use the Web Fonts export feature to pass the project onto the client. The client can then subscribe to the service and easily import the project without having to rebuild it.

Interested design agencies can request admission into the Web Fonts agency program by visiting The agency will need to subscribe to the free plan and then apply for admission into the program by completing a short submission form, accessible from the “agency program” link in the footer of Upon reviewing the applicant’s candidacy, the applicant’s free subscription will be upgraded to the agency program.