Diecutting Tooling Services Appoints Kevin Carey as Technical Director

Mark Lambert, president of Diecutting Tooling Services, an innovative Diemaking, Research and Converting Tool Development operation in Chicopee, Massachusetts, announced the appointment of Kevin B. Carey as technical director of the center.

 Lambert: "This is an extraordinary opportunity for the team at DTS and all of our customers. Kevin brings more than 50 years of experience in the Diemaking and Diecutting Industry, he was recognized by our industry association as Diemaker/Diecutter of the year, he was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, he was the guiding force behind the introduction of CAM-CAM systems and related technology to the US, he is the innovator of many techniques and methods used in diemaking and diecutting, and he is a Professional Personal and Business Coach.

Kevin will focus on Technical Support, Customer Training, Product and Service Development, Problem Solving and Customer Driven Research and Testing Projects."

Carey: "I am delighted at this opportunity to work with Mark and his team to teach and train, to develop and focus on productive output in diecutting, to lead the necessary revolution of stripping and blanking, and to spearhead the research and development of a long overdue and a more effective approach to Converting Tool Geometry."

For more information about the opportunities provided by this appointment, please call Mark Lambert at 413-335-3500 or email Mark at mlambert@dtsdie.com.