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If you deeply look into the essence of the business and its nature in various respects, the 21st century technologies have made it totally changed. Today, philosophies, SOPs and strategic planning basis have completely changed. In this regard, we can simply say that the businesses, particularly the ones which are related to advertisement and marketing; have to ensure that their system is operating on the maximum efficiency to increase their ability to offer low cost solutions. In spite of the fact that electronic media grabs greater attentions, the custom printing services are still very important with particular when we discuss them with reference to promotional and marketing context.

There are very few companies in the industry that have been able to market themselves as the real cost effective and competitive solutions providers. is a leading online printer that has marketed itself as the best quality custom printing company. The company takes pride in its custom made decals by making each and every product as per the requirements and specifications of the customer. custom die cut stickers and customer oriented banners are extremely popular. The company has various competitive and comparative advantages over other service providers in the industry.

If you look at the corporate philosophies and values of the; they all revolve around simple slogan: “Cost Effective, Quality Printing Solutions”. Since its inception, the company has always tried to make their client relations very strong by offering high quality but cheap cd booklets and other promotional material. Furthermore, the company took a great strategic step some time ago and also started offering pure internal office usage products like cheap presentation folders. Moreover, the company also offers multiple discounts on almost every product category it offers and you can check the detail on its website.

In normal circumstances, the discount ranges from 10 to 15% or even in some cases it goes above 20% as well. The variation is on the basis of product category, orders’ size and demands. Like, your die cut vinyl stickers may require some difficult custom jobs, so their rate of discount will be completely different than that of simple outdoor vinyl banners.

Along with all of this, the company gives due importance to quality and comprehensiveness as well. This is depicted in the comprehensive products’ list offered by the company.

The last but not the least is the strong believe in value addition and customer care that is depicted in the FREE services offered by the company. The customers enjoy FREE designing, lamination, handling and shipment of the product whether they order for stickers or custom carbonless forms. They can check the custom carbon copy invoices of the company in advance and if they are not pleased with their printing, FREE redesigning can be ordered as per the modified specifications and requirements.

The premier online printing company offers custom printing services along with FREE value added services to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

PrintingBlue has been in the business of printing since 1998 and under the committed, qualified and professional management, has made a good repute in commercial circles.