Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Hasbro Receives SGP Certification

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced that Hasbro Global Operations-E. Longmeadow Site, an in-plant print facility, is now SGP Certified. Hasbro is a well-known play company providing children and families with a wide range of immersive entertainment offerings. SGP Certification demonstrates Hasbro's commitment to sustainability, and the company's continuous strive to implement the most effective sustainability practices throughout its printing process.

"Hasbro Global Operations-E. Longmeadow Site has a robust sustainability process as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. In obtaining SGP Certification, we are being true to our strategy of procuring the best certifications and registrations available to our factory operations," commented Gary Brennan, V.P. Manufacturing of Hasbro Global Operations.

"By undergoing and gaining certification for its in-house printing operation, Hasbro has indeed demonstrated its commitment to integrating sustainability throughout its manufacturing process," states Marci Kinter, Chairperson for SGP. "SGP has gained a strong advocate for both SGP Certification and sustainability in Hasbro."

SGP Certification plays an important role in Hasbro's Corporate Social Responsibility program, which emphasizes three primary areas of sustainability: the environment, workplace conditions, and community relations. Hasbro has incorporated SGP's sustainability requirements into its everyday printing operations and its internal audit process. The company's annual improvement project - a requirement of SGP Certification - will become a Manufacturing Objective and included in Hasbro's Strategic Goal Deployment process.

Hasbro's in-print facility uses web and sheet-fed presses. The company also has an in-house prepress department. To become SGP certified, Hasbro had met or exceeded SGP's criteria, which encompasses three major areas: the input materials used to produce products, the manufacturing process, and the the facility in its entirety, including its energy consumption, employees, and supporting activities.

In addition to SGP Certification, Hasbro Global Operations gained ISO9001:2008 (QMS) and ISO14001:2004 (EMS) registrations and OSHA VPP Star Status certification, among others.