Trelleborg Launches High-Volume Web Printer

Designed to radically improve printing quality in high-volume printers, the new high performance Vulcan Neptune from leading printing blanket manufacturer, Trelleborg, utilizes the latest technology to provide customers with an environmentally friendly blanket.

Currently only available in the United States of America, the innovative new blanket reduces the amount of solvents involved in the printing process, thereby helping to address environmental concerns and make the industry more environmentally aware.

Through ground-breaking research Trelleborg has designed the Vulcan Neptune to manage large print quantities at a high speed, without sacrificing print quality. The compressible layer and low compression-set rubber of the new blanket allow it to maintain a fast rebound at top speeds and therefore maintain maximum quality. Increased compressibility also provides increased product life and stronger smash residence.

Constructed with a high-density, water and solvent resistant fabric, the blanket has been created to ensure maximum durability as well as an enhanced printing quality. The unique design of the blanket prevents swelling whilst maintaining gauge to enable a superior print finish.

Jerry Detert, Technical Services Representative at Trelleborg, stated: “Our aim is to help our customers deliver consistent quality, in spite of the amount they are printing, as well as help them become more environmentally friendly.
“The rapid rebound of the Vulcan Neptune is a real innovation in the marketplace and one that we believe will pay off time and time again during the printing process.”

The Vulcan Neptune is the ideal solution for both coldest and heatset web printing and is suitable for use with all conventional inks.