How Self Publishing Works, and Why Authors Should Consider It

Each year, more and more authors decide to self publish, or open publish, their book. This is because, unlike traditional publishing routes, it provides an easy way to put their work into the hands of readers. Yet many people are unclear about how the process works or why they should consider it as an option.

“Open publishing provides opportunities for authors to share their knowledge and expertise,” explains Bob Young, the chief executive officer of Lulu (, an open publishing company. “The process also allows authors to be more in control of their work, rather than handing it over and hoping for the best.”

Many authors find that the ability to exert more control over their work and how it is produced is just one of the benefits of open publishing. Other benefits include not having long-term contracts, being able to retain the rights to their work, and being able to make more money off each book sold.

The open publishing process itself has been around for centuries. Even Edgar Allen Poe and Benjamin Franklin chose this approach. In recent years, with the advent of new technology, it has become increasingly popular, with self-publishing adding many new books to the list of available titles each year.

The process involved in the open publishing route includes:

Writing the book or cookbook.Having the book edited or proofread to ensure accuracy and professionalism.Choosing an open publisher and following the technical guidelines to make the transfer of the book information.Taking the time to promote or market the book, in order to generate sales.Collecting whatever earnings arise from sales of the book.“It used to be that people would spend a lot of time writing a book, and then cross their fingers that they would be one of the lucky few that publishers picked for publishing,” adds Young. “Today, that simply isn’t the case. Everyone can have their work published today. It’s simple, as well as satisfying.”

Lulu’s open publishing format gives authors the ability to publish everything from books and photo books, to calendars and cookbooks. The service is provided free, and authors retain all rights, as well as 80 percent of all profit from sales. To learn more about using Lulu’s publishing tools, log onto