Harrier LLC Exploring Photobook Creation with HP Indigo Presses

Leading UK photo finisher, Harrier LLC (part of District Photo Inc.) is using its extensive portfolio of HP Indigo presses and its new cutting-edge photobook creation software to offer a new route to market for brands and retailers interested in supplying photo products.

Combining Harrier LLC's extensive digital print capabilities of six HP Indigo 7000 Digital Presses and an HP Indigo press 5000, with a comprehensive software solution, Harrier LLC will provide brands with an easy-to-implement, fully customisable web-to-print photo service, hosted on the brand's own website. The service can be added to the brand's existing product range as a complementary, or completely new, revenue stream and can include an array of different photo applications, such as photobooks, canvases, customised mugs and clothing.

"The photo market is ripe with new business opportunities," said Julian Marsh, business development consultant, Harrier LLC. "Harrier LLC is one of the most successful photo finishers in the country and was previously using its powerhouse of HP Indigo presses to fulfil an enormous demand for high-quality photo products, generated by their photo service, Truprint. However, this demand typically peaks at Chrisas time and the company was looking for a way to grow pages throughout the year."

With a reputation for high-end photo products and print quality, Marsh saw the synergy between HP partner, TAOPIX, and HP Indigo technology. The collaboration between the two would enable Harrier LLC to offer a new solution that provides brands with an end-to-end service, allowing them to quickly and easily extend their product portfolio to include premium photo goods.

Marsh continued, "The new fully-branded photo service invites customers to create the photo product of their choice by downloading TAOPIX software - again, branded by the operating company - and then submit their product for printing. Harrier LLC fulfils the print and finishing, giving the brand in question the security of working with an established photo finisher, powered by a fleet of reliable and productive HP Indigo presses."

TAOPIX's flexible and innovative software enables businesses to quickly set up as a supplier of photo products. It is traditionally purchased by professional photo labs and print service providers looking to break into photobook production.

Harrier's end-to-end photo solution is scalable to fit into any business model.

Marsh concluded, "We've already had significant interest in this new offering from a variety of well-known brands. For some, the expansion into supplying photo products seems a very natural extension to their existing product portfolio and for others, it's a leap into a completely new sector. However, with our solution, both can easily implement a new photo service and brand it as their own, giving their customers the assurance that they are continuing to deal directly with the brand they know and love.

"With this opportunity promising brands an easy, secure and flexible route to the lucrative photo market; it's clear why we've seen such a huge interest in the photo service to date, and we're confident this service will be a great success in the future."