Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Image Options Gains Substantial Savings from SGP Certification

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has announced the substantial gains that Foothill Ranch, CA-based Image Options has realized since becoming SGP Certified. Image Options is a large-format printing, fabrication and installation company for the retail and event markets. The company boasts an improved bottom line as a result of its sustainability requirements from SGP, such as improved sourcing, process controls, waste management and recycling take-back programs. Image Options leads by example, using the best business practices available to achieve continuous improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship.

"We believe the future requires companies to be dedicated to operating a sustainable, driven enterprise. SGP plays an important role in this endeavor," stated Becky Roganus, sustainability program manager for Image Options. "The impact of proactively creating a sustainable print facility, which started out as simply doing what is better for the environment, has turned into increased business and profitability for Image Options."

"Image Options personifies the SGP program," stated Marci Kinter, SGP Chairman of the Board. "They recognize both the value and the need to operate a sustainably driven business model."

Image Options sought SGP Certification as a matter of information and process transparency regarding the sustainability of its programs. SGP provides the necessary guidelines, training and accreditation to ensure that the large format print facility operates and maintains standards for sustainability, which has become an important criteria of its clients. As a result, these sustainable practices have changed the way Image Options thinks about, prices, and plans its customers' work. Employee moral has also improved.

Image Options has a substantial lineup of eco-friendly materials to create its work. The company is also G7 certified.