Smartsoft Inc.

Datatech SmartSoft Announces PressWise Integration Partnership with Duplo

Datatech SmartSoft Inc. has announced a partnership with Duplo that will give PressWise customers the ability to seamlessly move to Duplo finishing machines as part of an automated workflow.

PressWise provides an all-in-one workflow solution designed to help Print Service Providers (PSPs) capture more business, lower their service costs and increase their production efficiency, all within a single print workflow software system. PressWise modules include Web-to-Print Storefronts, Print Estimating, Order Management, Workflow Automation, Shipping and Fulfillment, and Mailing Software.

PressWise is also designed to simplify the integration of third party applications - such as web storefronts, back-end accounting systems or print MIS - to create a single, universal workflow. Now, using a new barcoded process that takes advantage of the CCD scanner on the Duplo DC-645 and DC-745 digital color finishing machines, integration capabilities have been extended to Duplo finishing solutions too.

"PressWise allows our customers to reduce the number of touchpoints required to run each job, leading to a more efficient use of resources, increased throughput and greater profitability," said Eric Wold, VP of SmartSoft. "Working together with Duplo, who are well known for the quality of their finishing solutions, finishing operations can now be automatically triggered trough the use of barcoded program information. This negates the need for manual job set up for each order, saving valuable time and labor resources in the process."