Stover Graphics Partners with Neschen Americas on a ProSEAL Marketing and Distribution Program

Neschen Americas and Stover Graphics has announced a joint marketing program for the ProSEAL pouch laminating system. This new distribution program triples the range of signs and displays the ProSEAL can make and will increase marketing resources for printers and resellers.
The ProSEAL system is designed to let printers purchasing their first wide format printer quickly add mounting and laminating capability. The ProSEAL system easily converts wide format prints into signs and displays in one pass. This builds the profit in each digital printing sale, generating a quicker return on total investment. The ProSEAL is both economical and can operate in a small area, which works well for customers who have space constraints.

The expanded supply range now includes pouches for indoor, outdoor and flexible signage. The program includes increased marketing resources including tools to help price services profitably.
"Stover Graphics is excited to be an integral part of the ProSEAL laminating program," said Jeffrey Stover, President of Stover Graphics. "Customers value leading brands with the quality and support an industry leader like Neschen offers. We believe that showcasing the best laminators with our specialty pouch board mounting supplies makes perfect business sense. The ProSEAL system can now complete over 90% of the popular display applications and demonstrates our continued customer commitment."

"Neschen Americas is pleased to partner with Stover Graphics," added Angela Mohni, Vice President of Marketing, Neschen Americas. "The entry level laminating segment has been growing with the advent of low cost printers. With the positive reception of our fourth generation ProSEAL, offering a wider variety of pouch products with Stover Graphics satisfies the increased applications required of our customers."