MCS, Inc.

Largest Privately Owned Direct Mailer Impressed with MCS Eagle Inkjet

MCS, Inc., a leader in industrial and mailing inkjet technology and camera systems, announced Mailmen Inc. of Hauppauge, NY has purchased an Eagle UV Inkjet system with a 4.25” print head, the widest 600 DPI inkjet head on the market.

With the capacity to mail 2 million pieces a day, Mailmen Inc. is one of the largest privately-owned direct mail production and data processing companies in the country. They specialize in high-quality production for direct mail projects of all types, and can handle a project from conception to its completion.

Bill Vignola, President of Mailmen Inc., explained their choice of the MCS Eagle: “We inkjet a significant amount of #10 folded letters and 6 X 9 self mailers. The Eagle permits us to run the piece at 90 degrees, increasing our throughput,” says Vignola. “Also, when we have a requirement to print anything over 2 inches wide, which we do on self mailers, the Eagle handles it easily without stitching,” he explained. “In fact, it is the biggest increase of productivity in a piece of equipment that I have ever invested in!” claims Vignola.

David Loos, CEO of MCS reflected on Vignola’s comment: “Mailmen’s experience is not unusual. The ability to print at full speed on mail pieces when feeding long-edge first, can double throughput.” Loos added, “Many customers are also surprised that coated stocks can still print at full speed with the UV-Curing capabilities of the system”.

The MCS Eagle inkjet is a first-of-its-kind 4.25” inkjet printer for the industrial market. The high-speed, high resolution printer offers wide print widths, with a UV version that supports difficult substrates such as coated stocks and plastic cards. The Eagle inkjet uses less ink than its competitors while delivering true native 600dpi quality. The unique 4.25” and 8.5” print heads support large print areas without stitch-marks. Print heads can be combined, for a total width of up to 17 inches.