American Ink Jet Corporation

American Ink Jet Shipping New Inks for Remanufacturing HP No. 564 & 920 Cartridges

American Ink Jet Corporation (AIJC) has announced the availability of new compatible inks for use in the HP No. 564 & 920 cartridges.

HP recently released a new generation of inkjet cartridges with the 564 and 920. These cartridges are quite different than previous HP cartridges as they have made updates to the cartridge design and the sponge. The new sponge in particular makes it quite difficult to make existing inks work in these new cartridges.

The 564 cartridges are being used in HP's latest offerings in its Officejet line of printers while the 920's are used in the newest HP Photosmart printers. Since these inks will be used in both the home photographic market and the office environment they should quickly become very popular cartridges.

This new ink set consists of a pigment-based black and and dye-based cyan, magenta and yellow inks. The pigment based black ink is formulated with AIJ's usual precision and ultra-pure filtration process to assure high quality and reliability even in extremely long print runs. Colors are formulated to provide balanced, highly-saturated, chromatic colors designed to produce high quality photographs.