Appleton Automation Offers One-Touch Control

Appleton Mfg. Division, the leader in core cutting and handling equipment, is the exclusive provider of Appleton Automation. This advanced automation system can be added to any Appleton Core Cutter, and offers increased control and productivity while reducing capital and labor costs. Appleton Automation also increases output by streamlining core cutting operations and procedures with increased flexibility and control. 

Appleton Automation offers a one-touch control over core cutting systems, reduces the amount of resources by minimizing trim and butt waste, and cuts operational costs through process automation. Programmable models feature Allen-Bradley brand controls from Rockwell Automation, providing industry-leading customization and feature selection. 

Existing Appleton Core Cutters can be upgraded with Appleton Automation, meaning there is no need to rip-and-replace existing equipment. Appleton Mfg. Division offers a free, no obligation consultation to evaluate your core cutting needs and determine if Appleton Automation is right for you. 

“The Appleton Automation system presents a real difference to our customers,” says Ron Hirn, President at Appleton Mfg. Division. “Those who deploy it experience streamlined cutting operations, reduced costs, and an edge on the competition.”