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Avanti Launches ‘Automated Proof Tracking’ at Graph Expo 2011

Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of Print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions today announced the launch of another API (Application Program Interface) to facilitate Automated Proof Tracking. Automating Proof Tracking enables printers to significantly enhance customer service, and improve job turnaround time as the administrative task of customer follow up of proof approvals is completely eliminated. Visit Avanti at Booth #861 at Graph Expo to learn more. 

The proofing approval process is a time consuming and frustrating exercise for all involved: the customer, the CSR and the production manager. This can often result in hours of wasted time, phone calls and emails to confirm proof approval. The lag-times in this process not only increases job turnaround time but also creates a stressful work environment, especially in a shop managing a large number of  jobs that have to be processed quickly to hit promise dates. 

With Avanti Automated Proof Tracking, when a proof is available for viewing, an email trigger is sent from Avanti’s Print MIS to the client, letting them know that the proof is ready for their review, with a link to the proof. Once opened, the status of the proof (accepted, rejected or pending, including a time-stamp and name of the person who signed off on it) is sent back to the CSR and the Proof Approval milestone is automatically updated on the job and on Avanti’s Electronic Scheduling Board. 

About Avanti

Avanti provides Print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions that help print shops automate all facets of their business. In business for over 26 years, Avanti’s solutions are the most open in the industry, JDF certified, fully integrated and extend from Web-to-Print through to production and billing. For more information, visit Avanti at www.avantisystems.com.