Brushfoil Expands Manufacturing Plant

Completion of a significant expansion to the Brushfoil plant is nearly complete as the world’s leading producer of metallized, brushed films continues to make significant advances this year.  Brushfoil’s capabilities add a dramatic flair that enhance retail packaging on store shelves worldwide. 

Earlier in 2011, the company expanded their facilities by leasing an additional 8,000 square feet in anticipation of taking delivery of a new brushing line. The new equipment will be in place in early September and enables Brushfoil to reduce lead times and produce films up to 72” (1,828.8 mm), thus answering the demands for wider brushed films. In total area, the plant will increase to 25,000 square feet, thus enabling Brushfoil to keep up with the unprecedented demand  for their decorative films.  The expansion and additional equipment will result in an increase in plant employment. 

Owing to proprietary concerns, the specific details of the new machinery are not being disclosed. However, Brushfoil has indicated the new line will feature the widest-width machine of its kind and include a combination of  ‘next generation’ electronics, automation and versatility. 

The plant expansion and new equipment are but one part of an exciting year for Brushfoil. In May 2011, Brushfoil’s two new brushed patterns, “Cross-hatch” and Tru-Stainless , were introduced to package designers, appliance and furniture manufacturers, as well as automotive and point-of-purchase producers who look to Brushfoil for something new to show their audience. The Tru-Stainless pattern closely mimics the appearance of real stainless steel commonly seen on refrigerators and other household appliances and, because it is a film and not real metal, it’s benefits extend to lower shipping costs on everything from retail packages to POP displays to large appliances and automotive interior parts. The equally unique Cross-hatch offering is the result of the brush pattern going in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

Both of these new patterns (click here to view) take Brushfoil’s innovative look in a whole new direction and add enormous visual appeal worldwide. As with the entire Brushfoil product line, Cross-hatch and Tru-Stainless patterns are available with any of the quality top coats that Brushfoil offers on their existing films such as print-receptivity, fingerprint-proof, scuff, abrasion and scratch-resistance, anti-microbial and many others that can be tailored to answer surface demands. 

During 2011, Brushfoil maintained its commitment to ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system based on standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The certification, formally known as ISO 9001:2008, has been awarded through January 2013. Such standards reflect the ever-vigilant commitment by Brushfoil to produce the highest quality products available in compliance with internationally accepted standards for excellence. 

This certification provides a greatly improved level of comfort for their customers around the world. ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures that Brushfoil has in place a quality system with a proven formula for producing a consistent, superior product. 

“Ultimately the ISO system improves the consistency of our raw materials because we also insist on excellence from our suppliers. This will be especially beneficial as we seek an even more aggressive international posture in 2012 and beyond,” according to Jim Parker, Brushfoil’s manager. 

Now under the new ownership of Transilwrap Company Inc., of Franklin Park, Ill., Brushfoil continues to lead the way in innovative finishes with the brushed flair that is used to enhance the appearance of substrates as diverse as retail packaging to automotive interiors, to label facestocks. Through Transilwrap, Brushfoil now offers customers more diverse solutions, expanded production assets and a highly experienced team of sales, operations and customer service employees. 

The Brushfoil finish has graced the packages for such international brands as Clinique, G.I. Joe, Gordon Ramsay Chocolates, The Masters Golf Club,  Mercedes-Benz, Neutrogena, Philip Morris, Titleist, Universal Studios and Warner Archives. 

Many of Brushfoil’s contributions to packages can be viewed at in the “Gallery” section.