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Baldwin to Launch New UV and LED UV Systems at GRAPH EXPO 2011

Baldwin, in its drive to deliver efficiency to pressrooms, is introducing progressive new offerings for UV and LED curing at this year’s upcoming Graph Expo in Chicago. The TowerCure UV system is designed specifically for newspaper and commercial web presses, while the UVed LED UV system is developed primarily for digital, sheetfed and select web applications.

These two dynamic products are perfectly aligned with Baldwin’s theme for this year’s show, “Baldwin = Efficiency”. The entire Baldwin product line reflects the company’s strategy to provide highly efficient, impactful solutions that transform and enhance pressrooms, bringing new market opportunities to print businesses.

The TowerCure Air-cooled UV system, easily retrofitted onto all makes of newspaper web presses, uses a powerful patent-pending design that delivers exceptional ink curing on a variety of substrates in a decidedly economical and ecological manner. The TowerCure delivers unmatched UV intensity and greater UV dosage than other currently marketed systems, but uses less power, even while printing at high speed. Precise UV output controls vary down as far as 0%, instead of the normal stand-by level of 35% of competitive systems. This “softstart” feature creates opportunity for UV curing on thin and heat sensitive substrates with the added benefit of power cost savings. Optimal UV intensity and ink penetration is achieved by minimizing the distance between the UV lamp and the web. In addition, the TowerCure lamp heads utilize a cyclone cooling system thatdeflects process contamination while consuming less factory air than traditional air cooled systems. The air-cooled TowerCure system’s upfront cost is less expensive than water-cooled UV systems, creating a very favorable ROI.

Baldwin’s UVed Water-cooled LED UV system for digital and other print applications provides extremely intense UV output with ultra-uniform distribution in two planes. The in­telligent networking of the modules provides even radiation to the substrate. UV output is controlled by advanced PWM control, which maintains peak and optimum intensity using infinitely variable power and an instant ON/OFF function. Minimal power is consumed with these controls.

UVed system is available in a single 62mm (2.44”) module as well as in a combination system of up to 32 modules for a maximum cure width of 1984mm (78”). A special version of the UVed, capable of maintaining high UV intensity over 50mm+ (2”+) distance from the UV LED array, has been developed for sheetfed applications. This new development overcomes some of the issues associated with LED UV insheetfed presses and opens up the opportunity to use LED UV on a wider range of substrates. The UVed system contains no mercury and does not emit ozone.

Mark T. Becker, Baldwin’s president and CEO, stated, “Efficiency in the pressroom is crucial in today’s climate, and printers are examining enterprising ways to improve and enhance their existing equipment’s capability.” Becker continued, “Baldwin has responded, developing highly efficient systems that ultimately give businesses a distinct competitive advantage with the added benefit of excellent ROI.”

Don Gustafson, Baldwin’s vice president, sales and marketing Americas, remarked, “I am very excited to introduce both of these products into the North and South American markets.  We have seen a strongdemand to bring UV technology into a wide variety of pressrooms as many more printers are proactively transforming their presses into commercial machines.”

Stop at Baldwin’s booth 1261 at Graph Expo 2011 to hear about other Baldwin product offerings, including the QuadCure UV for specialty, packaging and commercial markets, IR drying systems, spray dampening, stitching and Baldwin’s extensive line of cleaning cloth, graphic powders and UV replacement lamps.

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Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. is a leading international supplier of process automation equipment and related consumables for the print industry. Newspaper, sheetfed, commercial web, flexographic and digital pressrooms are enhanced and transformed with Baldwin’s extensive product lines and systems. Baldwin’s cutting edge systems include UV and LED curing, IR drying, spray dampening, blanket, plate and web cleaning, fluid management, ink control, web press protection, and press consumables. 

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