RBP Chemical Technology, Inc.

RBP Chemical Technology Executive Passes

Bradford Beaton, who managed New England Newspaper Supply Company (NENSCO) for some 45 years, has passed. The assets of NENSCO were acquired by RBP Chemical Technology in 2010, and Beaton continued as the chief executive of the RBP news business unit until his death on August 10.

RBP President Mark Kannenberg, paying tribute to Beaton, commented: “The North American newspaper industry has lost a true friend. Brad Beaton was highly regarded for his technical knowledge of the newspaper printing process, and as the industry moved from letterpress to offset he readily adapted to the latest technology. Perhaps more important, Brad was renowned for his wit, his smile, and his love of life. As the face of NENSCO, Brad was known and loved by newspaper production personnel across the country, from the largest dailies to the smallest weeklies and free sheets.”

Bradford Taylor Beaton, of Sutton, Massachusetts, passed away peacefully on August 10, 2011. He was 69 years old. He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and spent his life in Sutton, attending Sutton High School and Clark University in Worcester. He is survived by his wife, Kari Beaton; a son, Jon Beaton; and a daughter, Kate Mazzini. Burial was at West Sutton Cemetery in Sutton.