David Ashkenaz Announces the Start of His 14th Year of Helping PrintSmith Users

David Ashkenaz, owner and principal of Ashkenaz Consulting is proud to announce that he has started his 14h year as an Independent PrintSmith Consultant helping printers install, use and upgrade their PrintSmith Management Systems. Ashkenaz has travel virtually to every state in the Union, in addition to Canada and the Bahamas. For more information, contact Ashkenaz at 954-977-7811 or email him at davidash@mindspring.com.

Background Experience

Ashkenaz started in the printing business in 1972 and in 1979 owned and operated a print shop in Florida. He later grew the one location into five locations and became one of the Top 100 Quick Printers in the US. After he sold his locations, he became certified in PrintSmith and started to do consulting work for fellow printers. Today, after many years as an Independent Consultant, Ashkenaz installs and trains printers of all different sizes on how best to use PrintSmith in their operations.

With Ashkenaz’s in-depth, hands-on printing experience, it makes him a “natural” to do PrintSmith consulting. PrintSmith users love the fact that Ashkenaz not only knows PrintSmith fully, but that he knows “their” business as well. Very few computer consultants know both the program as well as the client’s business, Ashkenaz notes, “In my case, I walk into a client’s office and within minutes I am asking questions that only printers would ask in order to get the correct information into PrintSmith so that it will work properly.”

Ashkenaz is also well versed in Report Writer, Scheduler and Tracker. These are the 3 add-on programs to the basic PrintSmith program. To further attest Ashkenaz’s knowledge, many of his clients have offered him permanent jobs in their business, a few even offered to sell Ashkenaz the business as well. Recently, Russ Noell of Computer Graphics in Alabama emailed David with, “Excellent advice! Thanks David, I knew I could turn to you for answers.” Russ has been a client of Ashkenaz’s for over 4 years.

PrintSmith Users Support Hotline

Ashkenaz previously announced the start of his PrintSmith Users Support Hotline, or PUSH. For an annual fee, PrintSmith users can call virtually 24/7 and get answers to questions on PrintSmith answered by Ashkenaz. Ashkenaz is available 7 days a week and will answer the PUSH Hotline whenever he is not traveling or consulting.

PUSH client Bill Chambers of Color Art Printing, in Anchorage, Alaska, noted, “Thank you David! My gosh, it is 9:00PM if you are in Florida. Everyone at Color Art loves you [David]!”

This service has escalated and has been a profit maker for Ashkenaz while saving clients money on 24 hour support. His willingness to help all PrintSmith users is evident in his growing business. PUSH differs from onsite visits, as PUSH is mainly for questions and problems that may arise on a daily basis. Onsite visits are for setting up PrintSmith, Report Writer, Scheduler, and Tracker and also for fine tuning the program to maximize its potential. Ashkenaz notes “One does not succeed in this industry without great knowledge and product coupled with great customer service. Thirteen years is evidence of valued success.”

New Offerings

Ashkenaz has also introduced a wireless scanner that can be used up to 100 yards from the base or a workstation computer. Like the wired scanners, a user will scan the job ticket and then a location bar code and the Pending Document Window will populate with the new location. The wireless scanners are not only are made better and give a better “scan”, but they can take the place of 4 or more wired scanners and workstations. They are suited for users that have a limited number of workstations or for production managers that roam a shop’s floor.


As a former owner, Ashkenaz knows that printers are busy, and as a result, he is always available around the clients schedule – be it Saturday/Sunday/Holidays, Ashkenaz will work with the client. Ashkenaz can be reached at 954-977-7811 or by email at: davidash@mindspring.com. He is always eagerly waiting to help his next client maximize PrintSmith’s features, and also to have new clients join PUSH – PrintSmit Users Support Hotline.