Ironsides Technology to Demonstrate with Leading Print Partners at GRAPH EXPO

In the Xerox Graph Expo booth #400, Ironsides Technology, a Xerox Business Innovation Partner, will be providing a live technology demonstration of Automated Production Tracking on the new Xerox Production Ink Jet. This demonstration provides a preview of the new Xerox Production Inkjet Technology and includes demonstrations of Xerox FreeFlow Print Server, GMC software, Lasermax equipment and Solimar archival and retrieval software.

Ironsides will be integrated with both the ink jet engine and GMC software to:

  • Record and track individual pieces
  • Identify integrity errors such as missing/duplicate pieces
  • Provide piece/job level reporting
  • Automate reprints by sending notice of all defective pieces to GMC

In the Ricoh InfoPrint booth #2600, Ironsides’ APT will be connected to InfoPrint IPPD. APT will be receiving identifier information from a camera system installed on a Kern inserter which is reading piece level data from transactional envelopes. APT will be capturing and recording piece level information and creating the reprint files for re-creation of damaged pieces within IPPD.

According to Ironsides President, Bill Riley, “At Graph Expo, we will demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of APT at ensuring the integrity of printed documents which contain private information.  Our ability to reconcile defects and automate reprints represents only a portion of APT’s abilities but we are pleased to play this role for our notable partners, Ricoh InfoPrint and Xerox”.

About Ironsides Technology

Ironsides Technology is a software development and integration firm, providing industry best piece level tracking, productivity reporting, SLA management and integrity reporting solutions. Ironsides’ develops and applies simple, effective solutions across the document creation and production enterprise for managing document production in real time, across all equipment types within the print and mail environment.