conVerd, A FiberMark North America Brand

Bradner Central Company Announces Acquisition of conVerd

Bradner Central Company has acquired conVerd LLC. Together, Bradner and conVerd are committed to increase awareness and expand production of their fully recyclable, earth friendly portfolio of green products.

Richard Bull, Chairman and CEO of Bradner Central Company stated, "We believe the high quality sustainable product offering of conVerd will give our customers, including printers, retailers, and advertisers, an eco-friendly alternative to the substrates currently used in the trade. Our products, which are FSC certified and fully recyclable, are an ideal substitute to the films and vinyl products predominantly printed for many point of purchase displays and most signage. Bradner Central will provide experienced customer service and sales personnel, robust information technologies, and a proven distribution model supported with superior logistics. These capabilities, along with our financial stability, will allow conVerd to better serve this rapidly growing segment of the print community."

Sean McLaughlin, President of conVerd, also commented, "Green just got greener. This exciting time for conVerd allows us the ability to grow faster in product lines and to expand our worldwide presence. This new opportunity with Bradner Central brings a maturity to our enthusiastic growth in the green sustainable substrate market."