Taking Control of Conductivity, Metafix Launches New Online Support with Fountain Solution Control

Metafix demonstrates how to manage Fountain Solution online, September 11th at the Graph Expo 2011. Metafix has been using the Internet to monitor their machines since 1997. Once they began monitoring conductivity, flow and volume, they discovered an aspect of Fountain Solution previously unrecognized. Metafix invites customers to see for themselves with their online Fountain Solution Control system (FSC), launching this fall.

With the Metafix FSC, conductivity, pH, temperature, water and Fountain Solution concentrate volumes are all monitored and managed live during the press run. Adjustments can be made automatically in order to keep Fountain Solution within a programmed set of parameters, thus optimizing consistency, printing efficiency, color management, improving quality and reducing many costs. Customers have full access to their specific data via the brand new, and can generate graphical representations for the management, analysis, and improvement of their printing process across jobs and facilities.

Metafix has taken steps to truly embrace technology and make the digitization, and monitoring of process parameters, seem easy! A proud green business, they believe “it is only waste, if it is wasted.”

Since 1988 Metafix has designed, manufactured, installed and serviced it’s liquid industrial waste compliance and process management systems. They offer custom solutions to re-purpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws, and monitor the complete process online.