Metrix Software

Metrix Delivering "Zero Touch" Automation for Job Planning and Imposition

LithoTechnics, Inc. will demonstrate their upcoming release, Metrix 2011.1, which incorporates their groundbreaking automation technology at GRAPH EXPO 2011.

Metrix has always automated certain tasks, such as calculating the job plan based on the job specifications, press setup, and finishing requirements, and then delivering the finished imposition. Moreover, setup of the Metrix project has been possible via XML since Metrix version 2.0 released in 2006. However, exporting the project as JDF or imposed PDF to the prepress system, and/or exporting JDF files to the finishing department, still required an operator present to approve and click "Export".

Metrix 2011.1 changes the entire paradigm. Now, with a Metrix XML job description file and either the Metrix Automation Server or the Metrix Automation Lite module, estimators, planners, prepress operators, or indeed other software systems can drop the XML into a hot folder and move on. This can literally mean that plates drop out the other end of the process, when no error conditions have been triggered. Metrix Automation can send email when the process begins for a particular project, when it has completed successfully, or when operator attention is required.

For larger companies requiring high throughput, Metrix 2011.1 Automation Server delivers breakthrough performance and productivity. Metrix Automation Server allows for a virtually unlimited number of hot folders, and parallel processing of multiple concurrent projects per hot folder! For companies not requiring such high volume throughput, the Metrix 2011.1 Automation Lite module offers incredible value. Automation Lite installs as an optional module of the standard
Metrix and allows for a single hot folder per Metrix client, processing one project at a time per hot folder. It is an extremely affordable solution that enables every printer to process work completely automatically, error-free, and at unheard of speed.

Rohan Holt, President of LithoTechnics, Inc., and inventor of Metrix, said, "End-to-end, 'lights-out' automation has always been part of the Metrix vision, and for certain markets Metrix Automation completely fulfills that dream." Holt continued, "Metrix Automation will do, totally automatically, what many companies spend hours of skilled labor doing. Many printers have a hard time believing this is possible. I invite everyone to come to our stand at GraphExpo (#653) and have a look for yourself. We will be demonstrating Metrix Automation Lite, and seeing is believing."