Harland Simon – 'The Value of Teamwork'

Harland Simon, The Times of Northwest Indiana and Hall Contracting Services have finalized a deal to increase color and page capacity to enhance The Times commercial printing capabilities. The highly skilled print crew in combination with the Harland Simon press control system, originally installed in 2001 and upgraded in 2009, has always produced high quality products. However there was a need to increase the capacity to meet customer demands and expectations.

Over the course of several months various options were discussed and analyzed by the team. Ultimately an innovative and highly cost effective solution was developed. The Times have two Goss Headliner Offset presslines; the concept involved moving two underutilized footprints (each consisting of a mono and 3-color unit) from one pressline and adding them to the other. In essence, while not a complicated procedure; the structural constraints had to be carefully planned, but this is something an experienced mechanical contracting company such as Hall Contracting Services handles with ease.

The challenge was to develop methods and protocols to knit together the different technologies controlling each of the presslines. When installed, 'Blue' press underwent a complete press control upgrade; the obsolete proprietary Goss controls were replaced with 'off-the-shelf' components, in this instance from the Siemens S7 range. Harland Simon offers a range of non proprietary hardware for its 'off-the-shelf' solutions – Allen-Bradley, Siemens, B&R. Whereas 'Orange' press retained the MPCS on unit hardware, the CPU and Communications card were converted to talk to the Harland Simon system via Ethernet.

We are delighted to announce at the GraphExpo show that these system improvements have now been confirmed and a detailed plan is in place to complete the project - without interruption to The Times' demanding production schedule.

To discuss how Harland Simon works with customers and contractors as a team to implement its non proprietary philosophy, whilst extending the life of mechanically sound production equipment, stop by Booth 2161, where 'The Press Maintenance Bill of Rights' will also be on display.