Pitman, An Agfa Company

Pitman, an Agfa Company, Offers Cost Savings and More Efficiencies with Pressroom Closed Loop Color System

Pitman, an Agfa company, today announced the availability of Agfa's Pressroom Closed Loop Color System, a complete workflow system that manages color files, converts digital output from the CTP to preset ink fountain keys on the press console, automatically scans the offset sheet and transfers scanned color data back to the press console for continuous monitoring and correction.

The system, which helps printers become more efficient, lower their costs, and boost quality, is composed of four components – Agfa Graphics' :Apogee Ink Save (gray components replacement software); Essex Product Group's (EPG) Key Color ADELPHI AutoSet (ink key presetting software) and KeyColor ADELPHI AutoKey (closed loop color control software); X-Rite Pantone's IntelliTrax (Automated Color Measurement Scanning System) and Pitman's Color Manage Printing Solutions.

The foundation of this system is Pitman's Color Manage Printing Program (Intelligence) which provides workflow assessments, technology solutions and recommendations for optimal color managed printing.

"Pressroom efficiencies, cost reductions and quality enhancements are critical for market leaders. Agfa's Pressroom Closed Loop Color System optimizes legacy and new offset presses' capabilities resulting in overall paper waste reduction, ink and time savings, reduced manpower , productivity gains, more jobs per day, improved marketability, and increased revenue," said Dwight Collier, Vice President, Pressroom at Agfa Graphics, North America. "Ink consumption, for example, may be reduced up to 25% thanks to Agfa's :Apogee Ink Save. Drying times are enhanced and color stability is maintained, resulting in lower manufacturing costs and improved color consistency for a tremendous savings potential for those who find themselves going through lots of ink throughout the year."

Other components of Agfa's Pressroom Closed Loop Color System include:

· EPG KeyColor ADELPHI AutoSet (Ink Key Preset) – precise preset prepress values replace traditional hand ink key setting, increasing the speed of make-ready times and reducing paper and ink waste.

· X-Rite Pantone IntelliTrax – During the press run, this automated color measurement system scans the printed sheet (in less than 15 seconds), measuring all colors values (special colors, PANTONE, non-process) and paper, conveying the data directly to the operator for manual adjustment, or to EPG's KeyColor ADELPHI AutoKey system for automatic ink key adjustments.

EPG KeyColor ADELPHI AutoKey (Closed Loop Color) which automatically adjusts ink key settings in real-time from an X-Rite scanning systems, thus enabling efficient, consistent and cost effective printing.