ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH

ColorGATE RIP Software Now with Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5

Version 7, ColorGATE is one of the world's first RIP software suppliers to integrate the new Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 (APPE 2.5).

With the integration of the APPE 2.5 printing platform as an additional renderer, ColorGATE RIP software solutions now offer a smooth end-to-end, highly automated PDF workflow for digital, offset and packaging printing. The advantages:

Exact reproduction of even the most complex designs and complicated transparency or shadow effectsHigh automation thanks to the strict separation of contents (PDF) and process (JDF)Standardized production in mixed environments (campaign printing)Excellent results for complex graphic art projectsTrue-to-original color printing thanks to color conversion at the latest time possible in the rendering processWorkflows with any number of colors; detailed specifications for the conversion of spot colors into process colorsVery quick and easy "last-minute" changes in the prepress stage More efficient collaboration with designers and customers thanks to reliable screen previews: "What you see is what you print" Greater reliability and time savings in processing because multiple conversions (PDF – PostScript – PDF) are avoided

"The integration of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 as an additional printing platform in our software is one of the many highlights of the new product generation," said ColorGATE Managing Director Thomas Kirschner. "In the current Version 7, our solutions are able to offer the most modern and by far the most powerful standard for productivity and quality in the processing of PDF data in the world."

All the solutions in the new ColorGATE X-Line can already be ordered with the integrated APPE 2.5 from the authorized retail outlets:

  • Productionserver 7 Business X
  • Productionserver 7 Pro X
  • Productionserver 7 Ultimate X
  • Productionserver 7 Campaign Printing X

APPE 2.5 is optionally available for all Version-7 types like PS7 Campaign Printing Flex and PS7 Graphic Arts Flex Productionserver types, with the exception of the Filmgate and Plategate solutions. Users with previous versions can take advantage of the attractively priced upgrade and cross grade options.