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New Equipment Expands Menasha Packaging's PrePrint Capabilities

Menasha Packaging Company today announced a series of improvements to their PrePrint facility in Neenah, Wisconsin. The investment, designed to streamline the company's plate making process, includes a newly constructed 2,800-square-foot facility, new equipment and software. The project began in March, 2011 and was completed in the third quarter.

The improvements give Menasha's Folding Carton Group the ability to break down files, separate, proof and assemble plate-ready files, which are sent to the PrePrint Group where printing plates are produced in-house. Previously, the company purchased all components, plates and separations from suppliers.

The new equipment includes an ESKO 5080 Spark with HD flexo (CDI) digital imager, a DuPont Cyrel 3000 ETL-I lift top exposure unit and a DuPont Cyrel 3000i Inliner Plate processor. To minimize error, the new equipment will wash, dry, post expose and light finish in one pass. A Plate-Vac 300 solvent recovery unit from PRI, inc. was also added to recycle the solvent critical to this process.

Commenting on the upgrades, Bill Gaffney, administrative sales manager, said Menasha can now provide better service to customers, and adjust to changes needed in a shorter period of time.

"The speed will be really beneficial. In the past, if a plate needed changes or updates, it could take 24 to 48 hours to get a new one," said Gaffney. "Now, the timeline will be hours rather than days."

Menasha's PrePrint Group in Neenah, Wis. employs 69 employees. They produce high-quality printed roll stock locally and distribute to corrugators to enhance graphic packaging, color consistency, quality control and brand management for major consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Menasha Packaging Company

Menasha Packaging Company (, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation. Its heritage is built on quality products, personalized service, dedicated employees, and innovative printing and design capabilities. Menasha Packaging is a leading provider of graphic consumer packaging, merchandising solutions, corrugated packaging, food packaging, shipping containers and material handling solutions and  home of the Retail Integration Institute. With design, sales service centers, corrugated and paperboard plants located throughout the United States, the company's mission is to help customers move and sell their products.