Point Imaging Receives Orion Energy Systems Environmental Stewardship Award

Point Imaging has earned the Orion Energy Systems' Environmental Stewardship Award for its reduction in energy consumption using Orion's HIF lighting platform.

One-hundred Thirty Seven high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures were replaced at Point Imaging's Hobart, IN facility with Orion's Compact Modular, high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) technology.

"We are excited to have expanded through reduction," said Point Imaging sustainability team member, Marco Perez. "The Orion HIF system reduced our energy consumption and related cost, has helped further our sustainability initiative and has considerably improved our light quality."

By adding the Orion system, Point Imaging has decreased kilowatt hour usage from 310,687 kWh to 128,033 kWh per year. This is a 59% reduction in lighting-related energy consumption. Point Imaging also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide emissions by 121 tons annually.

According to statistics by the Environmental Protection Agency, over the life of Orion's HIF lighting system, Point Imaging will reduce their carbon footprint by:

  • Reducing pollutant gases by 2,428 tons
  • Reducing sulfur dioxide by 10 tons and nitrogen oxides by 4 tons
  • Air-scrubbing the equivalent of a 670 acre forest
  • Equivalent of removing 590 cars from the road
  • Equivalent of saving 301, 565 gallons of gasoline
  • Cutting fuel oil consumption by 7180 barrels Reducing light energy consumption costs by 59 percent

"It was important for us to make the change from HID lighting to HIF lighting. In every aspect of our business, we are committed to the highest level of sustainability," said Perez. "We all gain when we sustain."

There are measurable energy and cost saving benefits to installing the patented Orion lighting system. The fixtures are also easy to install and maintain. With the Orion lighting system, going green never looked so good.