NAPL (National Association for Print Leadership)

NAPL WorkPlan for Success Program Adds New Operations Management Guide

The National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) has added a new Operations unit to its unique WorkPlan for Success online management program for printers. The new component is the sixth segment in the program, which is built upon the best practices identified through the Association’s industry-standard Management Plus System, and is available exclusively to NAPL corporate members.

“Maximizing operational efficiency is a critical performance area for today’s graphic communications companies, which function in a highly competitive environment,” says NAPL President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D. “Our newest WorkPlan for Success component will give company owners and senior managers the information, tools, and techniques they can use to ensure that their company is a highly efficient manufacturing enterprise.

“Whether company leaders are interested in adding or improving a quality program, making their operation more environmentally sustainable, or standardizing their plant procedures, the WorkPlan for Success Operations unit will help them implement operations enhancement programs that can make a real difference to their bottom line,” adds Truncale. “And, when this unit is combined with our other WorkPlan for Success components in Sales, Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, and Leadership, it comprises a complete management guide that helps executives and managers apply best practices to every company area.”

The Operations unit covers a wide range of topics, including how to gather and work with information on the shop floor, improve manufacturing performance, employ quality programs, maintain industry operations standards, introduce “green” management practices, and manage the company’s supply chain. Interactive applications, checklists, and templates guide the WorkPlan for Success user in implementing today’s most effective graphic communications operations management practices and procedures.

The new section is based on the belief that manufacturing excellence in today’s print environment begins with a leadership commitment to a set of principles that have been defined by NAPL’s Management Plus Society. These include aligning production efficiency initiatives with overall strategic business goals, establishing good communications and access to accurate information, setting meaningful metrics and goals, taking a workflow perspective, and integrating vendors and customers into a single, efficient workflow.

All units of the WorkPlan for Success are available 24/7 by logging on to the members-only section of NAPL’s website, and are updated with new information and worksheets on an ongoing basis. Users may download an entire section, select a PDF version of any individual chapter, or follow links to additional forms, templates, and other information.