Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Sentinel Printing Earns SGP Certification

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, today announces that Hempstead, NY-based Sentinel Printing Company is now SGP Certified. Sentinel produces various marketing materials and robust communication programs for its clients using web-to-print, variable data, digital, and sheet-fed printing processes. The company chose SGP for its pertinence to the printing industry, and reports that SGP's certification requirements has helped to organize its processes and improve its operational efficiencies.

"Since becoming involved in SGP, our employees have learned about the tangible benefits of a sustainable facility. Our company recognizes the importance of responsibility to our stakeholders -- employees, vendors, clients, and community," comments Glen Boehmer, President of Sentinel Printing Company. "SGP is a certification of constant improvement. With each green meeting, our stakeholders help us advance our processes and procedures."

"By becoming SGP Certified, Sentinel Printing demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, and in turn, sets itself apart from other printing operations," states Gary Jones, Chairman of the SGP Technical Committee. "SGP Certification provides the creditability for Sentinel Printing as a superior, environmentally-performing company."

SGP has helped Sentinel to determine smarter, better, and more effective ways to incorporate sustainability in every area of its business. For example, the company installed energy efficient lighting throughout its facility. More than 100 fluorescent lamps were installed, allowing the company to move away from energy-inefficient ballasts and traditional bulbs containing mercury. Sentinel's efforts are estimated to save approximately 27,344 KWH per year, which equates to 1,807 gallons of oil or 14,051 pounds of coal not burned.

Recently, Sentinel was recognized as the first commercial installation of solar panels within the Village of Hempstead. The company received a Certificate of Recognition from the Nassau County Office of Economic Development for its efforts to preserve the environment and for its use of green technology.

About Sentinel
Established in 1858, Sentinel has more than 150 years of technological innovation, generational print production knowledge and experience to draw upon in the world of print. Having become the place where "the passion for printing lives," Sentinel's core foundation is built on relationships with its stakeholders. The company was recently featured in The Big Picture magazine, which highlighted the company's sustainability efforts and local charitable activities.

About SGP
SGP is a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry. The organization promotes reducing the environmental impact and increasing the social responsibility through sustainable green printing practices. To receive certification, print facilities must accomplish the following: establish a sustainability management system; implement best practices in sustainability; and comply with local, state and federal employment laws. Certified facilities are also required to use SGP's sustainability metrics system to report on progress annually.