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Window Book Announces eDoc Track as Part of its October 2011 Webinar Series

Window Book, Inc. – host of a very popular and successful educational Webinar series for the mailing industry – announced an eDoc-specific track of webinars as part of their October 2011 schedule. During October Window Book will be presenting a series of webinars focused on the world of USPS electronic documentation (eDoc) in an effort to educate mailers on why it is essential to begin using eDoc in their operations in order to prepare for the future with the USPS.

The October eDoc Webinar series will include:

  • The Benefits of eDoc - why you need eDoc, the tools you need to process eDoc, and a demonstration of submitting eDoc to PostalOne!
  • Getting approved for eDoc: Surviving the TEM process - TEM scenarios, the tools you need to do TEM testing, and a demonstration of submitting TEM test files
  • Automating your eDoc: MD Service Manager - an exciting new tool from Window Book that allows you to automate your Postal One! activities, and a demonstration of how MD Service Manager works
  • The Foundation of eDoc: Mail.dat and Mail.XML – the nuts and bolts about Mail.dat and Mail.XML, how they work together, and the tools you need to efficiently use them to create your electronic documentation
  • DAT-MAIL Basics & Advanced - the mailing industry’s leading post-presort eDoc solution, features and functions, and a demonstration of DAT-MAIL.

Also being presented in October by Window Book and special guest speakers:

  • The Postal Service and its Cost Reduction Plan. What is it Thinking?, a presentation by Dr. Gene Del Polito, President of the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom).
  • Commingling: It’s Not Just for First-Class Mail anymore – a webinar presented by Jerry Imbriani, President of Automated Presort, Inc.

“The only way you can get the best postage rates and discounts is with electronic documentation and Intelligent Mail Full-Service. The USPS has begun to require eDoc for more of their incentive programs such as the Mobile Barcode Promotion that ran during July and August,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO. “At Window Book, we are urging all mailers and service providers to begin their transition to eDoc now. Not only to take advantage of Intelligent Mail Full-Service discounts and the additional postage savings offered through incentive programs, but to simply survive working with the Postal Service of the future.”

Visit webinars to view and register for all of Window Book’s upcoming webinars. Those who need assistance with setting up PostalOne! and processing eDoc for acceptance and verification are encouraged to request information about Window Book’s Intelligent Mail On-Ramp Service .

“When we first started our weekly webinar series back in 2010, we had no idea how well it would be received by the industry. Within a year the number of attendees tripled, and we are now presenting two – and sometimes three – educational webinars a week. We are excited about our eDoc series coming up in October – and extremely pleased to be having Gene Del Polito and Jerry Imbriani present with us as well,” said Wallace Vingelis, Window Book’s Vice President of Business Development & Marketing.

Window Book’s webinars are presented by their in-house Postal specialists who, combined, have well over 100 years of Postal knowledge and mailing expertise. Window Book is proud to have industry specialists on staff who have had hands-on experience at lettershops, print shops, transportation and logistics companies, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Webinar Recordings:

If you cannot attend some of these webinars, please visit recorded educational webinars to watch the recordings at your convenience.

Webinar Services:

Window Book also offers “Webinar Services” for those who are interested in hosting a webinar for their customers, but do not have the right tools or the staff to help them present it. If you wish to create and conduct webinars for your customers using Window Book’s Webinar Services, email