Enfocus Software Inc.

Enfocus PitStop Products Now Offer More Color Capabilities and Lion Support

Enfocus has added support for the recently released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion operating system to its PitStop Pro and PitStop Server technology. In addition, Version 10 Update 3 of both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server includes new channel remapping capabilities and more power, control and flexibility for color conversion.

“Printers are still receiving PDFs that contain unwanted or incorrect spot color separations,” says Leen Vanmaele, Product Manager, Enfocus. “With the new Channel Remap functionality in Update 3 of PitStop Pro 10 and PitStop Server 10, unwanted spot color separations can easily and accurately be replaced with another spot color, or with a specific CMYK color. This is important for increasingly time-sensitive workflows, minimizing the potential for expensive errors in the printed job.”

Vanmaele points out that Channel Remap allows users to easily replace an unwanted spot color with the correct spot color, remove a spot color channel altogether, convert a CMYK color to a spot color, or convert a spot color to CMYK as appropriate.

In PitStop Pro 10 Update 3, Remap Channels can be accessed through Remap Colors within the Global Changes menu and within Action Lists, meaning that the functionality can also be used in PitStop Server. In addition, the PitStop Pro Inspector panel contains interactive Channel Remap functionality within the Separations section. “Making this important capability available from a variety of menu hierarchies, as well as through Action Lists, helps streamline complex prepress workflows,” adds Vanmaele.

PitStop 10 Update 3 adds extra functionality to the “Snap to Color” Action List, allowing users to replace a specific CMYK color with a spot color, or vice versa, while maintaining original density specifications. For example, orange in CMYK can be replaced with a spot color ‘orange’, keeping the visual representation accurate according to the original designer intent.


PitStop Pro 10 Update 3 and PitStop Server 10 Update 3 can by downloaded as free updates for all existing PitStop 10 users.