Durst Image Technology US, LLC

Durst Rolls Out Best and Brightest for SGIA's Expo 2011 in New Orleans

Two of Durst’s inkjet printing platforms – the 98-inch Rho 1000 Continuous Production Inkjet System and the five-meter Rho 500R Superwide Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printer – will be fully operational on the exhibit floor of this year’s SGIA Expo, Oct. 19-21 in New Orleans.

“With the Rho 1000 and Rho 500R, we’re bringing our very best – for both rigid and roll applications – to the graphics industry’s most important trade show,” said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Durst U.S. “These platforms are what people in the business have come to expect from Durst – ‘the industrial imaging specialist’ – to increase their efficiency and productivity and expand their opportunities.”

The Rho 1000 and Rho 500R will be on display in Booth 901. Immediately after the show closes, they will be shipped to Lithographix – one of the country’s largest and most diversified commercial graphics companies – in Southern California. Lithographix is adding both of the Durst printers to its extensive array of output options.

The Rho 1000 – the European Digital Press Association’s 2011 Printer of the Year for the UV-curable production category – will be equipped with a state-of-the-art Mirus feeder system that makes this workhorse digital printing platform even more efficient and productive. Two years ago at SGIA, the Rho 500R was named the Digital Printing & Imaging Association’s Product of the Year in the grand-format roll-to-roll UV-cured inkjet printer category.

The Mirus feeder/stacker system, shown in its entirety earlier this year at FESPA, is fully automated, extremely fast and virtually error-free. Media alignment is controlled at every stage with both x and y registration. Boards and sheets are loadable from three sides, and two stacks can be unloaded at the same time. It is designed especially for high volumes and unattended printing, Durst said. (Only the feeder unit will be on display at SGIA.)

Rho 1000

The industrial-grade Rho 1000 efficiently transports and prints on a remarkably wide variety of sheet, heavy rigid and roll media. The printer, designed to provide flexibility and versatility in the high-production environment, requires very little set-up time and no masking. It operates in a continuous-feed workflow that eliminates load/unload delays between sheets – similar to screen or offset printing methods and other systems designed for optimal integration and productivity.

The Rho 1000 is capable of printing more than 200 4x8-foot sheets or boards per hour. In addition to many typical stand-alone digital applications, the capabilities of the Rho 1000 make it well suited for integration into screen and offset printing workflows, in which its high-speed, full-color printing becomes one step in the overall image production process, Durst said.

Rho 500R

The Rho 500R prints six-color, 600-dpi images on five-meter vinyl, mesh and other superwide roll media at speeds up to 3,760 s.f./hr. It also is able to print three independent images from three separate job queues on three different 1.6-meter rolls all at the same time to achieve high efficiency and handle a broader range of applications. The printer operates unattended, uses less ink than comparable superwide platforms, and minimizes operational costs due to its high productivity, advanced workflow and remarkable versatility.

High-performance carriage and linear motor drive systems, precision Push Media transport mechanisms, a proven front-to-back registration system, on-board laser media tracking sensors, Durst’s intelligent dither technology, a range of user-settable parameters, and a variety of other innovative technologies combine to make the Rho 500R one of the most effective, economical large-format imagers ever developed, Durst said.