GFI Innovations

GFI Innovations Has Launched a New Website to Demo Mx-Series Ink Dispensing Technology

GFI Innovations has launched a new website to serve as an objective, educational resource for printers analyzing their popular Mx-Series.

“Unfortunately, saving printers money is not a main priority of ink vendors in this challenging market, and that’s exactly what our equipment does. The new site aims to teach executives the objective truth about our system, and avoid being talked out of technology guaranteed to help their business,” says Jarrett Luehrsen, Director of Marketing for GFI Innovations. offers new video demonstrations on the popular Mx-Series for offset printers, which is now used successfully at nearly 300 pressrooms in North America.

“With the market as it is, printers are looking for every way they can to save a buck, and we’re seeing a flood of activity because of it. I’m confident we’re reaching a tipping point where the Mx-Series isn’t just a nice thing to have, but a necessity for printers who want to stay ahead. The new site, combined with a fast growing group of excited clients, is helping this happen.”

The Mx-Series includes GFI Innovations’ award winning Mx6, which gives printers the ability to manufacture spot colors on their pressroom floors, faster and more consistently than manual methods. Current clients have successfully recycled thousands of pounds of old ink into new colors, and have accumulated millions of dollars in ink savings through a more efficient procurement process.