Hotfoiling Paradigms Turned Upside-Down at Label Expo 2011

Pantec GS Systems announced their satisfaction with the course of Label Expo 2011 as their going inline philosophy is finding more and more followers and the inline hotfoiling process becomes widely accepted in the premium label market. The specialist for efficient, high quality refining demonstrated RHINO, an inline flatbed hotfoil embossing system, opening printers eyes that it's possible to go inline for high quality hotfoiling, reaping benefits such as lower cost per label and shorter lead times.

Peter Frei, CEO of Pantec GS Systems, is very pleased about the enthusiasm the machine demonstration aroused by the printers. "We had well-respected, experienced printers on our booth who could not believe that our stamping process can really achieve outstanding results on open, structured paper at 120 m/min with perfect register and microembossing structures. High speed with foil saving for large volumes not only allows higher press usage, but economizes foil massively. It is also the basis to go inline to printing presses for premium wine labels, as RHINO's revolvable head allows multistroke for single pass manufacturing of ambitious designs, with combinations of foil and blind embossing, still running at a speed of 40-60 m/min." Inline hotfoiling therefore is an increase of efficiency, improving the performance of the printing line and reducing lead times for the job. This is additionally complemented by cost savings derived from flat bed technology, as Frei explains: "Flat bed hot foiling allows use of cheaper foils and tool costs are a fraction compared to rotary." The powerful foil saver rounds off the list for saving potentials. Tools, foil, saver and speed enable payback times of below a year. "Many printing companies focusing on premium labels with a high percentage of foiling have put RHINO on top of their investment list in the past year", Frei proudly summarizes.

Therefore Peter Frei strikes an enthusiastic balance on the show: "We had a very intensive week at Label Expo 2011. We were shortlisted for the final of the Label Industry Award for New Innovation. With our demonstration we could convince so many people that there is an alternative to traditional foiling and the number of leads and high potentials is excellent. The printers feedback to RHINO is exciting, as they confirm that definitely a new foiling area in the label business starts with an unprecedented efficiency."