Allegra Network LLC

Allegra Network and Alphagraphics Plan 2012 Joint Technology Expo

Allegra Network LLC and AlphaGraphics, Inc. have announced that the companies will again team up to host a joint Technology Expo, July 19-20, 2012, at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL.

"We owe a special thank you to our suppliers for supporting this joint event," said Allegra Network Chairman Carl Gerhardt. "As a result of this year's successful expo at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, we look forward to what should be an even larger event next year."

"Our owners and our vendor partners both appreciated the opportunity to gain more knowledge and meet many more people in the same amount of time as previous years," added AlphaGraphics CEO Kevin K. Cushing. "Our goal continues to be to keep our franchisees on the leading edge of technology."

Over the past several years, Gerhardt and Cushing have worked together to benefit franchise members from both networks. The success of the inaugural joint Technology Expo is a direct result of this partnership as well as support from the exhibitors.

"Both Allegra and AlphaGraphics did a great job of designing their overall programs in such a way that their members were driven into the expo area," said Ricoh Americas Corporation Vice President of Production Printing Tim Vellek. "Traffic for both days was very good, there was true interest in meeting with vendors, and I applaud both organizations for the way they managed this."

The 2012 Technology Expo is expected to attract more than 150 exhibitors and more than 600 franchisees from both organizations. Each company will conduct its own annual Convention for its franchisees in conjunction with this event.

For more information about the Allegra Network and AlphaGraphics Technology Expo, please contact Allegra Network Special Events Manager Jan Bender ( or AlphaGraphics Director of Special Events and Owner Engagement at Danette Matthews (