Rose Displays Ltd

Rose Displays' New AnoSkin Shows off Seasonal Colors this Holiday Season

Rose Displays’ new AnoSkin offers a new, easy and impactful way to add an extra touch of the holidays to in-store graphics this season.

Designed for the ultimate in versatility and ease of use, AnoSkin holds an insert three inches in height that can be printed in any color or finish. The insert simply slides in place and is held securely with end caps, offering endless possibilities to customize the look of the holder. Since AnoSkin is reusable, it also provides an exceptional return on investment, as only the insert needs to be changed if a new look is desired.

AnoSkin incorporates Rose Displays’ popular Gotcha graphic holder to hold the graphic securely in place. The Gotcha’s easy to use, snap-open-and-closed design allows in-store graphics to be changed in seconds.

AnoSkin is available in custom cut lengths up to 125 inches and can be used as a top and bottom holder for graphics. Its holder comes in black anodized aluminum with black end caps and is compatible with Rose Displays’ standard hanging accessories.