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printcom Ensures Consistency in the Printing Process

Everything must be in harmony. Even the slightest variation in materials performance can ruin the printed result. printcom checks, tests, modifies, and certifies relevant products along the print process chain – for a decisive added value: quality.

“Quality still exists when the price is long forgotten.” Does this also apply for printers? They have to keep an eye on two different aspects of quality: the printing process and the finished print product, and that at competitive prices. With the former, preparation in prepress, the printing process selected, press design, and process materials play a major role. With the latter, the postpress operations influence the result.

The fine distinction

Which parameters determine the quality of a print? Certain inking characteristics, the reproduction of structures, or the properties of the print surface play a part, as do the extent of the tonal values and the precision of the multicolor overprint. Above all, the two last-mentioned are decisive measuring and control variables.

For exact front-to-back register of images on a sheet, or for exact overprinting of individual color separations, deviations of less than 1/100 millimeters are state-of-the-art today. Besides color register precision, the blanket used is a decisive factor. When it is perfectly matched, quality and productivity are high – but even the slightest deviation has an enormous influence on print quality and press performance. If the consumable materials such as paper, ink, coating, fountain solution, washing agents, and printing aids are optimally matched, the results are optimal as well.

The printcom R&D team not only carefully examines the properties of each individual product as such, but also observes and evaluates its influence on the entire printing process.

The experience of manroland as a leading printing systems manufacturer plus the input of best-in-class vendors and users flows into product development. Only after passing intensive tests is a product certified and given the printcom seal of quality. Despite all the quality assurance expenditure, printcom products are competitively priced.

In the manroland laboratories and in the field, printcom experts help to fully tap quality potential. In an audit, the technicians analyze the actual conditions and show optimization opportunities. Not only for a short-term improvement of the production run, but for sustained support in all applications.