Crowd Flocks to WoodWing's Booth at IFRA 2011

WoodWing’s crowded booth at IFRA Expo 2011 proved that more than ever, newspaper and magazine publishers worldwide are interested in solutions to help them efficiently publish to multiple channels. On top of that, WoodWing showed the integration of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite inside the WoodWing Enterprise workflow.

At several events parallel to the Expo, current WoodWing customers shared their experience with WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise for their print, Web and tablet publishing workflows.

WoodWing’s booth was one of the busiest stops at IFRA Expo 2011, which took place from October 10-12 in Vienna. WoodWing’s motto for the expo – “Any Channel” – attracted the interest of visitors from around the world. Newspaper, magazine and corporate publishers visited the booth to learn how easily and efficiently they can publish to multiple channels – including print, Web, mobile and tablets – using WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise.

WoodWing showed integration of Adobe DPS in Enterprise Workflow

At IFRA, WoodWing showed the first integration of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) in the WoodWing Enterprise workflow. The integration is part of the Tablet Publishing alliance between WoodWing and Adobe, which was announced on October 3. WoodWing expects to have a DPS integration ready for release in November 2011.

Within WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution, WoodWing’s acclaimed Digital Publishing Tools for InDesign continue to be used to quickly add all kinds of interactivity, while Content Station is used to export the Adobe .folio file and automatically upload it to the Adobe Distribution Service for download by tablet users.

With so-called widgets, WoodWing provides publishers with even more options for the creation of distinctive, interactive tablet publications. Widgets are small pieces of HTML5 code that can be incorporated into the layout of tablet publications to create a broad variety of creative elements. WoodWing has already built an extensive set of widgets that publishers can use free of charge, and has many more widgets on its development roadmap.

During IFRA 2011, WoodWing and Adobe Systems jointly held a briefing for existing WoodWing customers, informing them about the details and benefits of the alliance.

WoodWing customers on stage

A number of WoodWing customers and partners held well-attended lectures at events around IFRA Expo. Heiko Scherer, a prominent multiplier in tablet publishing, gave a presentation at the IFRA MediaPort. His topic: “What’s next – successful cross-media and tablet strategies for newspaper publishers.” Scherer has been involved in a number of tablet publishing projects in Germany, such as the award-winning tablet apps of the daily newspapers Frankfurter Rundschau and Kölner Stadtanzeiger, both created with WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution.

Simon Regan-Edwards, Production Director of The Sunday Times, gave a speech at the E-Reader and Tablet Conference, explaining the tablet publishing strategy and success of the title – 31,000 iPad users read the tablet issue every Sunday, viewing more than 100 pages each.

Marco Di Bernardo of WoodWing’s Swiss integration partner A&F Computersysteme AG explained how the daily newspaper Neue Luzerner Zeitung – published at six locations in Switzerland – benefits from the implementation of WoodWing’s publishing system Enterprise to re-publish their content and to effortlessly address any channel.

Four WoodWing customers successful at XMA Awards

During IFRA 2011, the XMA Award 2011 ceremony took place at the MediaPort. No less than four WoodWing customers – News International Newspapers (UK) for The Sunday Times, Aftenposten Multimedia (Norway) for Aftenposten, Eesti Ajalehed (Estonia) for Eesti Ekspress Pro and Media Corp (Singapore) for Style Living – were honored for the outstanding interactive content and reader experience offered by the tablet apps they created with WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution.

“The IFRA Expo has shown once more to be the meeting place of newspaper and magazine publishers from around the world,” said Hans Janssen, CEO of WoodWing Software. “In the many conversations with clients about multi-channel publishing, we have seen that publishers today prefer an all-in-one publishing environment from which they can transparently publish to any channel. That trend exactly matches WoodWing’s offerings. We´ll continue to provide publishers with the most efficient workflow environment and creative tools for print, Web, mobile and tablet publishing.”