SoftKinetic Teams up with Helios to Deliver Gesture-based Digital Signage

SoftKinetic, the leading developer of end-to-end gesture recognition solutions, have announced that it has been selected by Helios Interactive Technologies to create gesture-based signage and interactive video walls for Bally Total Fitness Centers.

Large digital displays at the centers will be the first product of the partnership, welcoming gym-goers with a video wall that is as useful as it is futuristic. Providing everything from fun gaming inspired applications to in-depth nutritional advice, these immersive experiences will enhance the gym experience through intuitively controlled informational content. In addition, through the workout counselor application, trainers will be able to easily demonstrate exercises targeted at specific muscle groups to provide a total fitness regimen.

For the displays, Bally determined a no-touch gesture-based solution was appropriate, given the environment of the club, and sought out the assistance of Helios and SoftKinetic. “The displays provide a real “wow factor” for new users, while offering valuable advice to gym regulars,” said Mike Schaiman, managing partner at Helios. “The Bally video screens are merely the first result of our partnership with SoftKinetic, and we eagerly look forward to what our engineers will come up with next.”

Helios Interactive Technologies uses a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to marry marketing with entertainment and drive brand engagement. From augmented reality to multi-touch displays, Helios brings public spaces to life with movies, games and products. SoftKinetic’s gesture control technology is at the core of Helios™ high-tech installations. This project was a component of an overarching digital strategy created by the interactive consultancy Manifest Digital, who also provided the graphical elements and content design to augment the displays.

“Thanks to great partnerships and a client looking to push the boundaries of the possible, the outcome of this initiative is a one-of-a kind customer experience that inspires, entertains and educates, all through leveraging cutting edge technology.” said Ryan Noel, portfolio director at Manifest Digital.

“We are very excited about the possibilities that our partnership can bring to Digital Signage,” said Michel Tombroff, chief executive officer at SoftKinetic. “As gesture technology is entrenched in the mainstream, yesterday’s science fiction is becoming commonplace in today’s metropolitan centers.”

By the end of the year, Bally plans to open 15-20 new clubs featuring the new signs created by SoftKinetic and Helios. To see the first digital signage kiosk in action, take a look at this video: