3M Commercial Graphics

New Printers and OEM Inks Added to 3M Performance Guarantee

3M continues to grow its roster of OEM inkjet printer and ink combinations qualified to receive the 3M Performance Guarantee when used with a wide range of approved 3M media. New to the list are the following:

  • Durst Rho 500R Printer with Rho Roll DM v.3 UV ink
  • HP Scitex LX600, LX800, LX820 & LX850 Printers with HP LX610 latex inks

The 3M Performance Guarantee continues to cover printer and ink combinations (solvent, latex and UV) from Agfa, Epson, HP Designjet, HP DisplayMaker, HP Scitex, Mimaki, Mutoh, Oce, Roland, Seiko, and EFI VUTEk.

Details can be found on www.3Mgraphics.com under Warranties, where 3M has created an efficient system for locating the warranted durability for each ink and printer combination. Users simply launch the 3M Performance Guarantee Printer, Ink & Media Matrix, and then click on either the ink or printer name to be taken directly to the relevant information.

3M's qualified-media portfolio for these OEM printers and inks incorporates a broad range of products including Controltac brand Graphic with or without Comply brand Adhesive, Scotchcal brand Graphic Films and Scotchlite brand Reflective Graphic Films, all from 3M. These products are designed, engineered, developed, tested and manufactured for optimal compatibility and performance.

"3M conducts extensive testing to confirm that our products are reliable and provide consistent results," said Jennifer Greenquist, inks and warranties business manager for 3M Commercial Graphics. "It's a four-month process with 10,000 data points and results several-inches thick."

The Performance Guarantee covers tested and qualified OEM printers and inks used with 3M media. Approved 3M media, overlaminates and screen print clears are guaranteed to be free of media-induced artifacts that can cause misprints and are guaranteed to adhere to recommended substrates.

To qualify for the 3M Performance Guarantee, graphics must be installed according to 3M recommendations. The 3M Performance Guarantee covers the replacement cost of 3M materials only and does not warrant image fading, cracking, peeling or any other ink performance issues. The duration of any given Performance Guarantee varies according to the material combinations and applications as detailed in 3M Product Bulletins and available on 3M's website.