Appleton Coated LLC

Appleton Coated Offers Five Green Power Utopia Options Using Green-e Certified Energy Sources

Appleton Coated has transitioned its renewable electricity purchasing to renewable energy credits (RECS) from Green-e certified energy sources. Now, Green Power is a standard offer in five grades of the Utopia brand of coated printing papers: Utopia Premium, Utopia One (sheets and web), U1X:Green (sheets and web), Utopia Two (sheets) and U2:XG (sheets and web). Effective Oct. 3, 2011, these five grades feature Green-e certified Green Power.

"One hundred percent of the electricity used to manufacture these products is matched with RECS from Green-e certified energy sources‚ÄĒprimarily wind. Purchasing Utopia papers with Green Power increases support for building clean, efficient, wind-powered facilities and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Demonstrating this forward-thinking commitment to the environment by choosing Green Power Utopia requires no additional effort or cost," said Ferk√≥ Goldinger, advertising and promotion manager.

Customers also may specify Green Power for Appleton Coated's papers that do not include this as standard. Those choosing this option will be charged a small additional cost and will be provided with a certificate of purchase plus the Green Power logo, if requested.