Ward/Kraft Announces Significant Growth in RealCard Product Line

Ward/Kraft Labels Division is experiencing significant growth in the RealCard product line. The combination of both plastic membership card and laser printable form can be fed through the 8.5-inch or 11-inch feed path of the printer. Ward/Kraft has partnered with several laser printer manufactures that have begun promoting RealCard when they sell their printers, creating an important channel increase in volume.

The functionality of the Laser or Laser/Inkjet printable construction is not only a feature; it allows companies to print their own true plastic cards, eliminating the need to outsource. These durable simplex and duplex printable pieces provide excellent toner adhesion and printed image. The patented RealCard line is taking over markets in Insurance, Membership, Medical and Education. Stock formats are available in five different formats. Custom orders can be printed four-color process or spot color.