Korsnas AB

Leading Developer of Coated White Top Kraftliner Announces Product Improvements

Korsnäs focuses on the decorative segment of the corrugating industry that produces presentation packaging for brand owners with high demands on visual impact. Korsnäs liners are used mainly in shelf-ready packaging and packaging for display- and promotion purposes. Korsnäs has been a leading supplier of premium White Top Kraftliner – coated and uncoated – for many years.

Improved print surface, better glueability

The upgraded Korsnäs White Top Kraftliner range has an improved appearance in terms of gloss, brightness and reduced cloudiness. The glueability of the liner has also been improved, providing increased corrugating efficiency. These improvements result from adjustments to pulp compositions, clay coating, wet-end chemistry and improved machine clothing.

New Korsnäs Decor grammage – 120 gsm

The strength and stiffness properties of the Korsnäs grades offer lightweighting opportunities and minimisation of washboarding. Korsnäs Decor is a light coated product mainly for high quality post print in Flexo. The new grammage Korsnäs Decor 120 gsm is so strong that it can replace other coated liners with higher basis weights without compromising on the box strength. In fact, changing from 130 gsm to 120 gsm reduces weight by 7.7%.

New Korsnäs Design grammage – 160 gsm

Korsnäs Design is a fully coated liner used in high quality print applications for the most demanding print designs. The Korsnäs Design range has now been expanded with a 160 gsm version.

New Express Service

“As part of a comprehensive, general upgrade of our White Top Kraftliner offering, we now introduce an express service for our Korsnäs Design customers”, says Rolf Gustafsson, Business Manager Paper Korsnäs.  “This allows customers to place quick orders of smaller volumes, making them more flexible and responsive. Short lead-time deliveries means an ability to handle rush orders better and grab business opportunities with narrow time windows. We help them prepare for the unexpected.”

Korsnäs Packaging Performance Service – more sales and lower costs

Better packaging, higher performance, lower costs and smoother processes. This service offers access to the technical knowledge and experience that help customers evaluate, test, develop and improve their packaging solutions. A team of experts provides support with packaging optimisation, printing and converting issues. Korsnäs has also developed a specific anti-washboarding support function for the corrugating industry.

Environmental Product Declarations

By using EPDs – Environmental Product Declarations – Korsnäs is able to calculate, record and convey the potential environmental impact of each product. An EPD is compiled in accordance with an international standard of rules, guidelines and instructions, and is verified by an independent third party. Providing upstream data, the documents are a service to customers who wish to compile their own environmental declarations in turn.