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Free Xerox Webinar: Pricing in a Cross Media World

Pricing in a Cross Media World

November 9, 2011

Noon to 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Many graphic communications service providers feel the need to improve their competitiveness in an economic downturn by dropping their prices. While print sales may decline in a recession, lowering prices only results in a lower contribution margin and ultimately a loss of profitability. Savvy graphic communications service providers are exploring business strategies that add value for customers and improve their bottom line. The session will share new research from InfoTrends on pricing in a cross media world and you’ll hear from successful providers how they are maximize margins by focusing on value delivered. This webinar will also discuss pricing models that marketing services providers have successfully implemented to grow their businesses.

Each Webinar attendee will receive an InfoTrends White Paper:

The Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Services Provider

Printers have historically given away value-added services to win the printing business – a practice that over the long term has hurt profits. It’s time to change the pricing culture! The move into cross-media marketing services offers print service providers the opportunity take back profits by charging for the value those services deliver to customers. This report provides an up-close and detailed look at the pricing strategies in practice at leading firms offering cross-media marketing services, as reported in InfoTrends’ recent research study titled The Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Services Provider.

Executive Host: Susan Weiss, Mgr., Worldwide Customer Business Development, Xerox Corporation

Moderator: Barb Pellow, Group Director, InfoTrends

Guest Speaker: Waleed Ashoo, President and CEO, LithExcel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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