Seidl's Bindery Adds Padding to Finishing Solutions

Seidl’s Bindery, a full-service binding and finishing solutions provider serving printers across America, announced today it has added padding to its host of finishing solutions. The new Kansa padding machine is designed to efficiently finish padding work for Seidl’s Bindery’s customers.

The automatic Kansa padder requires no setup time and can run multiple-up pads, both of which contribute to a more efficient padding process. The Kansa also features a hot-melt adhesive system that’s automatically heated and maintained at a high temperature for optimum padding performance.

By applying a controlled bead of adhesive to the edge of pads, the Kansa can create applications such as point-of-purchase coupons, branded memo pads, tear-off calendars, school supplies, notebook pads and padded maps. The Kansa can create padded products with dimensions from 26” x 9” down to 3” x 3,” and a maximum thickness of ¾”.

“Padding is a fantastic addition to Seidl’s Bindery’s expanding family of binding and finishing solutions,” said Bill Seidl, President of Seidl’s Bindery. “The new Kansa will allow us to offer a wealth of value-added padding applications to printers everywhere.”