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Pitney Bowes Management Services Provides Insight: Improving Document Capture and Processing

Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc., has released a white paper that provides insight on improving document capture and processing to better manage the growing volume and types of inbound hard copy communications and warns of the risks associated with implementing an ad-hoc system in-house with limited IT resources.

The white paper, entitled “Improving Document Capture and Processing With Minimal IT Impact,” reveals the many advantages of outsourcing document processing to a leading service provider, which includes limited IT drain, minimal capital expenditures on hardware, technology and software, and the value of strong document management expertise to ensure the system does what it is intended to do.

“Everyday, businesses receive thousands of paper documents, mail, email and faxes that need to be captured and transformed for entry into business processes,” said Scot Laudicina, practice principal, Managed Mail & DPS, Pitney Bowes Management Services. “It is essential to businesses of all sizes to capture that data and link it to their business processes quickly and efficiently. For example, a claim that is received by mail at an insurance company needs to be converted into data and entered into the company’s claim processing system for resolution. The faster and cleaner that data is entered, the quicker the company can process the claim, leading to improved productivity and better customer satisfaction.”

In addition, the white paper highlights the key factors organizations should consider when selecting an outsourcing services provider and six benefits they should expect from a knowledgeable, experienced outsourcing company.

Pitney Bowes Management Services designs, implements and operates global solutions that provide enterprise clients with customer communication, mail, print and document lifecycle services that help create more effective, efficient and compliant business processes and operations.